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WIZARDS OF THE COAST ah, the company spawning grounds...
DUNGEONS&DRAGONS and their DnD section...
FORGOTTEN REALMS and, of course, the bit about the Realms.
The message boards are highly recommended, because you can find most anything there. And by anything, I mean EVERYTHING. It's brilliant.

RA SALVATORE.COM he who writes the Drizzt series
TODD LOCKWOOD.COM he who arts the amazing book covers
ED GREENWOOD author profile for the creator of the Realms setting

EN WORLD great site for D20 gaming news, and reviews and resources
CANDKLEKEEP more Realms lore than you can shake a stick at
FORGOTTEN REALMS LIBRARY overviews the series quite nicely
DLABRADDATH fantastic cultural and gaming resource for halflings, gnomes, elves and drow, and just a great resource for Realms lore in general
LAVENDER EYES extensive fansite dedicated to Drizzt Do'Urden

VENUSGOSPEL.NET my shameless self promotion collective of various fandom related sites

--- WHEN ANOTHER MIDNIGHT is a brilliant piece of songwork by Sarah Slean, piano girl on the rise. Said music was chosen for it's gritty teeth airs of despair, and a somewhat mad dash for that one last noble attempt at something. The song is found on her album Day One, and the lyrics are here for your timely perusal.