We are Jarlaxle fans hurrah! [ MEMBERS ]

This is a fanlisting, meaning we... list fans! Of Jarlaxle Baenre! The novelty positively eviscerates. This is all just a little something to unite the fans, so please do gather and be Jarlaxle loving and merry and HURRAH. Hurrahs are so very important.

A proud member of thefanlistings.org.

Anyway, grab a button if you have a site or, if you don't, you can also include a tagline in a message board signature. Something or other, I suppose. Both of the aforementioned follow this; the very simple, not-really-rules rules are:

Are you a fan of Jarlaxle Baenre? CHECK.
If you have site, did you grab a badge? CHECK.
Able to provide a "valid" name, be it real or pseudonym? CHECK.
Reasonably literate? CHECK.

Seems like we're green to go! And should the following form decide to bastard out and die, you can also email me at girl@venusgospel.net with all of the required information. Thanks!






Please save your choice of button to your own server, as mine does not take too kindly with fenced bandwidth and such. The code for images is as follows; simply replace "IMAGE NAME" with the name of the button and the file extension type (e.g. button_01.jpg), and width="50" with width="100" if using a banner. You know what to do.

<a href="http://drow.venusgospel.net" target="_blank"><img src="IMAGE NAME" width="50" height="50" border="0" ALT="when another midnight; a jarlaxle baenre site and fanlisting"></a>

    50x50 (pale background)

    50x50 (dark background)

    100x50 banners

If you prefer textiness or don't have a site, the following can be used. (The first is how it should look, and the second bit is the code itself.) So. Copy! Paste!

I am a Jarlaxle Baenre fan. Hurrah!

<a href="http://drow.venusgospel.net" target="_blank" title="when another midnight; a jarlaxle baenre site and fanlisting">I am a Jarlaxle Baenre fan. Hurrah!</a>