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Forgotten Realms is a campaign setting devised by Ed Greenwood, style fantasy of the swords and sorcery specimen, for the game known as Dungeons&Dragons. Without getting into mechanics and preferences, this game is basically a structured form of interactive storytelling, in which people tend to like accumulating power, quests and various plunder of the shiny kind. (Hence the term "campaign" in reference to an ongoing session of the game.) There may or may not be the excessive consumption of sugar during these events.

"It's really improv theater in miniature, with dice used to decide whether chance favors you or not."
--- Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook, foreword by Mike Stackpole

In essence, novels of the Forgotten Realms series take place in this setting, on the continent of Faerūn. It's a rich tapestry-- ha ha the Weave get it?-- of magic and gods and heroics high on the goodly stuff, and things crawling in caves that are kinda sticky, and various species of folks with pointy ears who would put an arrow through your eye if you look at them kinda funny. Think along the lines of Middle Earth, except elves sometimes are particularly nasty, and some dwarves dye their beards green and commune with Nature. It's all rather endearing, really.

Jarlaxle Baenre is a character from the literary bits of the Realms commonly known as the Drizzt series. (Or as re-released, the Legend of Drizzt.) Written by R.A Salvatore, they follow the trials and tribulations of a goodly drow, Drizzt Do'Urden, who forsakes the evils of Menzoberranzan for the surface world. Jarlaxle was introduced in the Dark Elf trilogy, and now partners-in-crime with Artemis Entreri in their own series, the Sellswords trilogy. COMING SOON TO A BOOKSTORE NEAR YOU. I think I'm done being an advert for Wizards of the Coast now, guv'nor.