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Stats for all your gaming needs! And by gaming needs, I mean to froth at the mouth about how 2E/3E/YOURMOM got it all weird, and what-the-kriff is this business with the buckling of swashes, and how nobody ever gets tiddly bits right, zomg plz kthnxbai.

He's a high-level fighter, he's Neutral Evil, he's drow, he's got heapsload of useful trinkets-- the rest, really, is haggling over the price. Well, the price as ascertained by various events and items in the novels, but, well-- oh, and official numbers depending on edition, which may or may not satisfy your idea of Jarlaxle stats. Anyway.

His paltry information for 3rd Edition is found in the Underdark sourcebook-- specify he's level 18, and that's basically all they give you. The stats for 2nd Edition are a bit all over the place; mainly, the Menzoberranzan boxed set, and the Villains Lorebook. Click here for the 2E stats, sweetcheeks, and a quick overview of his appearance.

Some homemade stats can be found from the message boards, namely here, and a rather nicely detailed one here, and one here which also sticks him with some epic Rogue and Swashbuckler levels. Now we're cooking with gas.

What about the swashbuckling? There's certain arguments for this, namely, how his fighting style is witnessed in detail by Artemis Entreri in Servant of the Shard; also, the fact that Entreri explicitly refers to it as swashbuckling. (But swashbuckling with utmost skill, mind you; his intial disappointment is quickly spaced and erased.)

He had expected better of his drow companion. He had seen this fighting style many times, particularly among the pirates who frequented the seas off Calimport. It was called "swashbuckling", a deceptive, and deceptively easy, fighting technique that was more show than substance.
--- Servant of the Shard, p. 294

So either Jarlaxle has a few levels in it-- as some would give him-- or it's just one of the many tricks in his rather spacious hat, as official numbers would tell. The fact that Jarlaxle has a number of different fightning styles-- Entreri's reaction is that of a man who sees the drow using it for the first time, though it is hardly the first time Entreri has seen him fight-- would suggest that... you know, this argument could go either way.

Now, what I want to know, is-- does Entreri's bolero have magical properties or what? Cause it could totally give him the ability to summon a cheese sandwich for every five levels, per day.