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Drow Male 17th-level Fighter
MOVE: 12
THAC0: 4
NO. OF ATTACKS: 9/2 or 5 (thrown daggers)
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Evil

STR 14, DEX 20, CON 15, INT 18, WIS 15, CHA 18

Spell-like Abilities: dancing lights, darkness, detect magic, faerie fire, know alignment, levitate

Weapons of Proficiency: hand crossbow, dagger (melee and thrown), main-gauche (damage as dagger, but +1 to parry and disarm attempts), rapier (1d6+1/1d8+1, specialized), long sword, short sword, two-weapon fighting style

Nonweapon Proficiency: dancing, direction sense, endurance, etiquette (drow), gaming, light fighting, riding: land-based, rope use, set snares, singing, survival (Underdark), tracking

Equipment: as the wealthy leader of the mercenary band Bregan D'aerthe, he has access to all forms and types of drow items, equipment, and weapons.

Magical Items: rumoured to be covered, head to toe, in potent magical items. The known (or suspected) items include: a Necklace of Missiles, Drow Boots, a Cape of Scintillating Colors (as a robe of the same name), a Hat of Holding (treat as smallest bag), a Rapier of Wounding (+1), a Main-gauche of Life Stealing, an Eyepatch of Fiery Fear (which acts as both a Wand of Fire and a Wand of Fear).

He also carries in a special bracer five Daggers of Throwing +4, and always wears a Ring of Free Action, Ring of Protection +3, Bracers of Defense AC 2 and a Scarab of Protection. The Menzoberranzan boxed set further lists him with a Pouch of Holding; Light Pellets, Time Bombs, and a Wand of Illumination.

Also, according to the official site, Jarlaxle is "easily recognized by his shaven head and unusual clothes, he carries several magic daggers that return to him after being thrown, an eyepatch that blocks mental intrusions, many rings, hard boots that can be made loud or quiet at will, a shimmering cape of many colors, a mirror than can be used to scry people, and a whistle that can detect magic and banish summoned creatures."

NOTES ON JARLAXLE'S APPEARANCE: as the novels go, the red gemmed eyepatch-- purely ornamental-- also serves to protect against psychic intrusion, and has the ability to detect magic; the ridiculous feather in his wide-brimmed, purple hat has the ability to summon a diatryma, a specimen of gigantic bird found in the Underdark. The throwing daggers seem near infinite, because of their magical properties.

And he's got heapsload more: daggers that elongate into swords, a whistle magically attuned only to the ears of Bregan D'aerthe members, sometimes a pretty piece of green glass. You know. That one. The one with an architectural bent. And the drow's got a ring or wand for every occasion.

He's five-and-a-half feet tall, and has enough bling to signal small aircraft from a fair distance.

Jarlaxle is clothed in a sleeveless vest, cut "so high that his slender and tightly muscled stomach was open for all to view", yet is also mentioned having sleeves. (Speculating on it being some blouse, also cut high, worn underneath. I mean. The big doofy hat, and main gauche/rapier swashbuckling ahoy just makes him a tad so inclined. Also, because in his later travelling days, he is described as wearing a fine, white buttoned shirt sans vest.) The cape of eyesore can be seen in both normal light and the infrared spectrum; however, he seems to have adopted more conventional clothes now, such as a sombre travelling cloak and the aforementioned shirt. His boots are hard and shiny, and are noisy or silent at will.